Want Prospects to Call YOU? Think Like a Publisher

Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer, Hubspot

Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer, Hubspot

Speaker after speaker at this week’s Dx3 conference stressed that to succeed in marketing today you have to “think like a publisher”. The key, they all believe, is to put out a lot of good, relevant content and your prospects will come to you rather than you having to chase them.

One company that is masterful at this is Hubspot. If you haven’t checked out their resources, I’d suggest you do so. They have a ton of great, free content for marketers.

I caught up with their charming Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Volpe, in Toronto. In addition to the full interview for the podcast, which you can listen to above, you can also watch 5 minutes of video excerpts below.

Content that Connects With Prospects is Key

Obviously if you can create content that resonates with your prospective customers they will be much more open to doing business with you.

But how do you create such content? And how much of it?

Listen to what Mike Volpe had to say. There’s a bonus for you if you listen to the end! 

  • E-mail is not a permission-centric medium. At least not the way it is often done these days.
  • When evaluating e-mail campaigns, focus on click-through rate rather than open rates.
  • Think like a media company: It’s all about creating a large amount of relevant, infomative content
  • Quality is essential, but once you’ve got that, quantity sure helps!
  • Take money from your sales or advertising budgets and shift budget  into content creation.
  • Best starting point for a small business: create a blog. Fill it with answers to the questions you hear from customers
  • Canadians are ideally suited to an inbound marketing strategy, because we like to be helpful!

Tema’s learning: If you are shooting video with an iPhone don’t hold it in portrait orientation; that makes for an odd-looking video!

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