10 Valuable Marketing & Business Podcasts

Podcasts let you learn & exercise at the same time!

Podcasts let you learn & exercise at the same time!

The world is finally waking up to podcasts, and the wonderful chance they give you to listen, learn and be entertained when you are NOT in front of a screen. Here are a few of my business favorites. (Click here for some of my non-business faves.)

I’m exploring customer experience podcasts other than my own (Frank Reactions) and will update this list once I’ve decided which I feel consistently add value. I’d love to get your suggestions!

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1. Work That Matters Podcast – Host Shawn Murphy (@TheShawnMurphy) interviews guests about how to create work environments that let employees do “work that matters”.

2. UX Discovery Session – Host Gerard Dolan is the Director of User Experience at MacLaren McCann in Canada. I love his bio description that he enjoys “engaging in conversations about topics he enjoys or doesn’t understand”. His Twitter handle is @gerarddolan.

3. Mixergy Interviews – Host Andrew Warner (@Mixergy) asks some of the toughest and best questions of any podcast interviewer I’ve heard. He and his team have clearly done their homework. Great show for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Also great for people who want to become journalists and interviewers.

4. ConversionCast – Fantastic case studies from LeadPages customers on what works best online. Everything they discuss is backed up by metrics proving the results. Host Tim Paige is charmingly enthusiastic. I actually interviewed Tim Paige on the Frank Online Marketing Show when he was just starting ConversionCast.

5. Social Media Marketing Podcast – Host Michael Stelzner is one of the best when it comes to understanding how to use social media effectively. His Social Media Examiner has a never-ending stream of practical advice for how your company can use social media better. They are the organization that puts on Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. The 2015 conference happening March 25 – 27.

6. HBR IdeaCast – What can I say? I’m an HBR fan.  I hope to have an article of mine in there one of these days. I was totally thrilled when iTunes said that my Frank Online Marketing Show podcast (the predecessor to Frank Reactions) attracted the same audience as HBR IdeaCast.

7. Internet Marketing – One of the first and best shows on internet marketing, hosted by the charming British-accented Kelvin Newman and Andy White. I love the banter between the two of them, and they know their stuff.

8. Social Pros Podcast – Hosted by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert (check out my interview with Jay Baer), and Jeff Rohrs from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. One of the few social media marketing focused podcasts that is aimed at big businesses rather than small ones and startups. Learn how the big kids play.

9. Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas came out of nowhere and shot to the top of the podcasting world in almost no time. Part of his success was from being the first business podcast to have daily episodes. Learn some of his productivity & success strategies in our interview. He’s also a super-nice guy!

10. The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn is another sweet, genuine nice guy who has built a huge following around his podcast, which may have been the first to be totally transparent about what he was earning from internet marketing. He invites his audience to join him on his learning journey. And what a successful journey it has been.

What are your favourite business, marketing, customer experience, social media and entrepreneurship podcasts?

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