52 Marketing Quotes Of 2013 – Part 1

Mitch Joel, Guy Kawasaki, Jon Morrow, Bruce Croxon, Jeffrey Hayzlett & more, interviewed on the Frank Online Marketing Show in 2013

Mitch Joel, Guy Kawasaki, Jon Morrow, Bruce Croxon, Jeffrey Hayzlett & more, interviewed on the Frank Online Marketing Show in 2013

& Some Thoughts On Life

One of the big themes of 2013 has been “radical transparency”: the need for companies to be completely open and honest with the public if they want to succeed. So in the spirit of “radical transparency” I’ll admit that 2013 was a bumpy year for me.

It started off great: Wonderful show guests, steadily increasing listener numbers, IBM sponsorship, I was able to hire some staff and start getting more done.

Rheva and George's 62nd anniversary

62 Years & Still in Love

Then, at the start of June, my parents began what my husband jokingly called “a falling competition”.

As these things often do with the elderly, things spiraled out of control. One problem led to another, which created still more complications, and so on.

Despite some close calls, they both survived. My mom is doing great (apart from distress at being unable to live with her husband of 62 years). For my dad things are sad. He’s in a nursing home now. The staff are amazing, but nothing will replace the comfort of living with the woman who has been the love of his life.

I am so glad I have been able to be here to help them through these difficult months. And I’m grateful that I don’t work in a 9 – 5 job where I would have had to beg for time off.

But things got so crazy that I missed recording and releasing some episodes of the Frank Online Marketing Show. The momentum was lost. Audience numbers still haven’t fully recovered.

And I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how much my lack of a “John Lee Dumas Effect” is that I have too poorly defined a niche, that I don’t have a bubbly enough personality, that the shows are too long or too academic. Wondering why, even though people tell me they think it is a great show, I rarely get comments on the blog or podcast reviews. (If you’ve got answers to these questions, please share below, or send me an email!)

[By the way, if you haven’t heard John Lee Dumas’ show, Entrepreneur on Fire, check it out! And if you want to get into podcasting, listen to his guest appearance on this episode of Podcaster’s Roundtable.]

Enough of the Sob Story Already!

(Did I mention that I struggle with revealing too much about myself?)

As we enter 2014, I’m focusing on writing my new book looking at how companies need to change internally so they can deliver on their external marketing promises. I’m airing a lot of the interviews I’m doing as research for the book, though I’m still wavering a bit on niche, even though I KNOW a well-defined niche is crucial to effective marketing.

But I also wanted to take this time to look back at the many lessons I’ve learned from the fantastic folks I’ve interviewed over the past year and a half.

Here are some highlights from the 2013 episodes.

From Is Tension In Your Company A Good Thing? – Jeffrey Hayzlett

From 5 Experts on B2B Sales and Influence Marketing – Danny Brown: 

From Do You Have Problem Employees? – Ray Attiyah: 

From Get Unstuck & Start Making Money Now – Tom Morkes:

From 7 Things I Learned From Pro Blogger, Jon Morrow – Jon Morrow: 

From How Shopify Overtook Volusion – Harley Finkelstein: 

From Mitch Joel: Ctrl Alt Delete Your Marketing – Mitch Joel: 

From What do Government, Big & Small Businesses Have in Common? – Jeff Mackey: 

From How To Do More Great Work in Your Company – Michael Bungay Stanier: 

From Secrets of a Successful Product Launch – Colin Bramm: 

From Can Creativity & Business Co-exist? – David Usher: 

From The Secret to Executive Buy-In for Social Media – Sulemaan Ahmed: 

From Focus on Process for Business Success says Bruce Croxon – Bruce Croxon: 

From Guy Kawasaki on Steve Jobs, Hockey & Being Crappy – Guy Kawasaki: 

From Canada’s Frank & Oak: Easy Online Fashion for Men – Ethan Song: 

From Get Google On Your Side – Chris Hodgson: 

From How to Avoid Competing on Price – David Gluzman:  

From Seamless Blend of Content and Commerce Creates Profits – Joanna Track: 

From Pet Pictures to Profits: How A Pet Food Store Succeeds Online – Brandon Forder: 

From Thinking of Exporting? Consider This Advice First! – Todd Winterhalt: 

From Canadian Innovators Need to Learn Marketing, says the Conference Board – Bruce Good: 

From No More Salesmen! – Grant Meadows: 

From Mashup Your Marketing With These Ideas! – Dianna Bowes: 

From Solve An Old Problem A New Way For Internet Success – Gregg Oldring: 

From Lessons from an e-Commerce Leader: Staples CEO Steve Matyas Talks Online Marketing – Steve Matyas: 

From A Healthy Approach to Online Marketing – Axel Kroitzsch: 

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52 Marketing Quotes of 2013 - Part 2
Is Tension In Your Company A Good Thing ?
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