52 Marketing Quotes of 2013 – Part 2

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I’ve had the great joy of interviewing a whole lot of movers and shakers in the e-commerce and marketing worlds over the past year. Here are some of my favourite quotes and tips from 26 of them. For the other 26 marketing quotes & tips , check out Part 1.

From Can Your Company Survive in the New Retail Era? – Doug Stephens:  

From Want Prospects to Call YOU? Think Like a Publisher – Mike Volpe: 

From Stories & Social Media: How They Build Your Business – Mark Evans: 

From The Only Metric That Matters – Poul Mark: 

From Canada’s Answer to Zappos Shoes? – Baseer Khudayar: 

From Loyalty Online: Insights From IBM Smarter Marketing – Aimee Munsell:

From A Triple-Hitter Business Model Shaking Up Sports News – Greg Bobolo: 

From Canadian Retail Online … A Perfect Moment for Small & Mid-Sized Retailers – Aron Slipacoff: 

From Social Media: A Good Way to Ease in Donors – Derek Cassoff: 

From Consumer Insight Is Not Just a Marketing Job – Janine Keogh: 

From Inexpensive Video Tricks to Boost Your Online Marketing – Dave Phillips: 

From Finding Top Customers: The Swimming Pool Test – Alan Smith: 

From Process is Key to Delivering Great Customer Experiences – Errol Denger: 

From Market Research + Niche = Great Product & Profits – Corina Ludwig: 

From What the Heck IS Cloud Computing? And How Big is Big Data? – Neil McEvoy: 

From Check Out This Great Gift Opportunity for Businesses – Leif Baradoy: 

From Who’s Problem Are You Really Solving? Your Prospect’s or Yours? – Scott Pielsticker: 

From Startup TicTalking Helps Advertisers Find Their Perfect Audience – Stephen Harris: 

From Do Your Customers Have a Sweet Tooth For Rewards? – Jay El-Kaake: 

From How To Sell Online Without Upsetting Retail Partners – Sufi Khan Sulaiman: 

From Turn That Wallet Full of Gift Cards Into Cash — That’s What This Entrepreneur Did – Frances Ho: 

From Training Company Learns From Its Online Market – Alina Martin: 

From Secrets of an E-mail Marketing Service Provider – Jon Larson: 

From What’s the Killer Giveaway That Will Win You Customers? – Adeel Vanthaliwala: 

From Drew Green of Shop.ca & Online Marketplaces – Drew Green: 

From Online Fancy Dress Rental Store Gives Pro Tips on How to Entice Prospects – Lisa Delorme: 

Image by satit_srihin Depositphotos.com

Image by satit_srihin Depositphotos.com

If you missed Part 1 of the 2013 Marketing Quotes, check it out here.

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