Can a Bank Make You Fall in Love? This One’s Trying!

This Bank Want's To Connect at an Emotional Level With Customers (photo by Franck Mahon, Flickr)

This Bank Wants To Connect at an Emotional Level With Customers (photo by Franck Mahon, Flickr)

OK, so to most of us the words “love” and “bank” don’t seem to go together, but when ATB Financial decided to research the emotions people had about their financial institutions, it asked them to write either a love letter or a break-up letter to their bank.

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Today’s guests, Tawnya Crerar, Director of Client and Marketing Research at ATB Financial, and Anne Coulter, Managing Director, RSG, set out to explore the psychoanalytics underlying how people feel about their banks. The letters they got were surprisingly touching and emotional, telling bad stories but also lovely ones. 

In this episode, which was recorded after Crerar and Coulter gave a presentation on the research to the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), we discuss:

  • what psychoanalytics are
  • how they used them
  • the use of a simulation tool to help bank colleagues understand the impact of their actions on growing the bank’s customer base
  • the trade-off between attracting new customers and retaining existing ones (and the clever balance they found)
  • how ATB has changed its hiring and on-boarding processes to ensure that new hires fit into the customer-centric culture they are building

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