A New Tool For Using Video to Capture Stories From Your Audience

Katrina German, Co-founder of OneStory, making using video easy

Katrina German, Co-founder of OneStory

Today’s guest, Katrina German, co-founder of Saskatoon-based start-up, OneStory, always loved the idea of using video to capture and save people’s stories. But she was frustrated by the time involved in video editing, especially if you were trying to put together video clips from many people.

So she and her business partner, Dale Zak, created an application that makes it easier. It lets you pose questions to your audience (or whoever you want) and they can easily record and upload a video clip of their answers.

I know I should be using video more, but, as I confess in our interview, I hate having to bother putting on makeup and when I don’t have any outside meetings. And, I guess I just heard one time too often that I had a perfect face for audio!

If you are considering using video more, either to tell the story of your business through the eyes of several people it has affected, or for marketing research, you might want to check out the OneStory option.

Video Recording Tips From Katrina

Whether you end up using their software or not, Katrina adds a few video shooting tips to add to those we posted a while ago in my interview with Dave Phillips of Ubervideo (Inexpensive Video Tricks To Boost Your Online Marketing):

  1. Pay attention to what’s behind you when you are videotaping!
  2. Sound quality is really important. Use a good mike and keep it close to you. (Dave mentioned this too.)
  3. Don’t scalp your subjects! You want to leave some room above the head of the person you are filming, but not too much.

Speaking of using video, have you heard about the Reconnect Project?

I’m launching a campaign to collect stories and examples of companies that are clearly disconnected from their customers, staff, suppliers, investors, etc. (like American Apparel’s (now ex-)CEO Dov Charney) and others that are really well connected with their people (like Zappos).  Will you check out the Reconnect Project and share your examples? Happy to have words, pictures, audio or video! Thanks.

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