Learn the Secret to Selling Online at Premium Prices

Bay Yes and Mr abiLLity

Bay Yes sells art by Mr abiLLity on t-shirts at top $. Here’s how…

There are thousands of companies selling t-shirts online. I know this because I actually looked into doing it myself, as a social business model. I decided not to, but Bay Yess, founder of Tagged Threads, went for it, and is now selling t-shirts online for $50!

Why Would Someone Buy a $50 T-Shirt?

Actually, my 21 year old son probably would.

But he’s not alone. And Bay knows where to find folks like him.

She has also found a wonderful way to bring street art to a broader audience.

1. Premium Positioning

Her company, which went from concept to full online store and celebrity endorsements in 3 months, works with graffiti artists and puts their work on t-shirts. Bay positions them as art, not just t-shirts. 

She has started with the art of Mr abiLLity. You can check out his work on Instagram.

To support that arty, high end, positioning, she sends them out in fancy custom packaging.

But wait, there’s more…

2. Exclusivity

In the package the purchaser gets a numbered “VIP” card that gives them special access to a private area of the website where they can get to know more about and even interact with the artists.  They become part of an exclusive-feeling club.

This works well for the artists too, because they can use this to connect with and grow their fan base.

3. Feel Good Messaging

The graffiti she chooses for the t-shirts supports her belief in thinking positively; a lesson she learned from a street artist. This message will definitely appeal to a lot of customers.

(Will she lose customers who want cynical t-shirts? Sure, but that’s not her market. Target your own niche to be successful.)

The company also donates $1 to charity for every t-shirt sold.

4. Niche Offline Marketing

As more and more online retailers are learning, it’s hard to compete with only online promotion.

Tagged Threads is cleverly leveraging where the artists hang out – the streets and edgy clubs – to spread the word. They’ve been partnering with music promoters in major cities to get the word out to their target market, and, especially, to the celebrities who influence their ideal customers.

Will It Work?

Bay has 15 years experience selling luxury goods online, so if anyone has a chance to make this succeed, she’s the one! Experience really helps! (As my mom always says, “Practice Makes Better.”)

I do wonder if the cost structure is sustainable. The company only launched a month ago, so time will tell. But for now, they are certainly off to a great start.

How Could You Position What You Offer As A Premium Product?


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  1. Hello I liked the feel good messages created by the artist, and the idea to create a way for the visitors to leave their feelings about is the art is a very good idea, do you take request from visitors.

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