B2B Customer Service Metrics & More

Which is more important for B2B Sales: Customer Service or Price? When I first started selling business-to-business (B2B) services, I really believed all the people who turned me down by saying, “It’s too expensive.” I sweated over whether I was …Continue Reading →

Call To Action: Don’t Make This Online Marketing Mistake!

Don’t Shy Away From a Call to Action When I look back on it now, I wonder how much consulting business I lost in my early days because, like so many sales people, I was afraid to put a “call …Continue Reading →


Tema Frank has appeared on, been quoted in and written for media such as: CBC News, CTV ‘Canada AM’, Radio Canada, and more… Photos/Video/Audio Tema Frank photo – High Resolution (suitable for print) or Compressed (for web/email) PeopleShock book front cover – High Resolution (suitable …Continue Reading →