How to Keep Your Small Business Strong in Times of Crisis

Would Your Small Business Survive If You Were Gone? Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often advised to think about what would happen to their business if they were hit by a truck. It’s a horrible thing to contemplate, but that sort of thing …Continue Reading →

Contents & Excerpts

PeopleShock Book Contents (Read the intro & 1st chapter on or Introduction What Computers Can’t Replace: The Secret to Success in Our Digitized World Who Will Benefit from This Book? Why Listen to Me? Part 1: PeopleShock Chapter 1: …Continue Reading →

Does Employee Happiness Really Matter?

Entrepreneur Dan Lok comes across as a high-energy, high-hype salesman type. So I had two surprises in store for me when I interviewed him: Despite his controversial statements, such as saying it’s a myth that employee happiness key, we actually agree on …Continue Reading →

How to Change Culture in High-Risk Organizations

More people die each year in the US from preventable medical errors than in car accidents. Think of it as 2 or 3 jumbo jets crashing every day. Many of these deaths result from dysfunctional cultures. Today’s guest, Bea Bohm-Meyer, of the Bohm-Meyer …Continue Reading →

58 Customer Experience Quotes From 52 Weeks of Podcasts

Another Inspiring Year of Customer Experience Interviews Check out some of the best quotes, and share them with your friends. Happy New Year! 58 Customer Experience Quotes From 52 Weeks of Podcasting Frank Reactions from Tema Frank Do you have …Continue Reading →

Change Management: From The Inside Out

It’s become a cliché: The only constant is change. But it is also true. In today’s interview we discuss change management, starting with changing your own acceptance of change, and then how to be a leader at times of change. I …Continue Reading →

Have You Felt The Pain Of A Change Management Program From Hell?

Change Management Sucks At least, that’s what most employees seem to think. So do a lot of their leaders. Get your FREE Transcript Now! Hardly surprising, when 70% of change management efforts fail. And yet, change is happening in every industry …Continue Reading →

Is Your Company Too Slow To Compete In The Digital Era? Here’s Advice To Speed It Up

When Jason Jennings, author of the new book, The High Speed Company: Creating Urgency & Growth in a Nanosecond Culture, interviews CEOs they tell him they worry that their companies are moving too slowly. They know the business world is changing so …Continue Reading →

Customer Experience Investments Up; Customer Satisfaction Down

For the first time in 5 years, the Temkin Group’s customer experience ratings show that in most industries, customer ratings of the service they get have dropped. This is despite the fact that companies say they are spending more than ever on …Continue Reading →