Not everyone who worked at the bank was as keen as Tema

This is NOT Tema!

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Many years ago I was hired as a marketing manager in a mid-sized bank. There were three of us in the marketing department:  an eager kid fresh out of college, me, and a beautiful girl who refused to do any work and spent most afternoons in the bar with the boss. When she wasn’t there, she was painting her nails. I kid you not!

We were opening 30 new branches in a region that was new to the bank. It would have been nice to have more staff (especially more who actually worked!) but the job itself was thrilling because we were given almost free reign to try out new marketing ideas. We were able to do amazing things (including my teddy-bear give-away that brought in more money than any marketing campaign the bank had ever done).

Sadly, those of us who were doing the work got laid off, and the bimbos who hung out at the bar with the boss didn’t.

That stung

It made me so angry that I decided I was going to be my own boss from then on. I was going to help companies that wanted to serve people– staff and customers — well, not those who rewarded people for hanging around in smoky bars sucking up to the boss all day.

My Early Days in Content Creation

The first thing I did was write an article for Profit magazine to teach marketing jargon to entrepreneurs (Test Your Marketing Smarts). I had just finished an MBA and I realized that successful entrepreneurs understand marketing but sometimes get bamboozled by hot-shots who throw around a lot of jargon to convince people to hire them.

In those days I wrote about things like “CPM” and “reach” and “lift”, all still important marketing concepts. But today it’s also about social media and the hot-shots are often kids with little real-world marketing experience who spend their lives on their cell phones Snapchatting and watching YouTube.

Social media provides important tools, but without a solid grounding in strategy and experience, far too many marketers and entrepreneurs get bamboozled.

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

When I think back to my work at the bank, I’m grateful that we didn’t have social media marketing to deal with. How can a staff of one or even a handful of marketers possibly keep up?

The tools and techniques are changing almost daily. Should we be on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Tumblr? Or the cool new hangout that’s just hitting the market? How can we possibly be on all of them, posting often enough to have an impact? Being genuine enough to connect with our fans while not breaking any company rules?

Should we be using Google Analytics? Who’s got the time to make sure the analytics are set up right and to check regularly to see how we’re doing? How do we link them with social media success measurements?

Some of the new tools for managing social media marketing look great, but how do we choose the right one, and how can we convince the boss of the ROI?  Without those tools how the heck can we manage and measure it all??

Seizing Internet Marketing’s Potential

My eagerness to help companies with their marketing led me to the amazing potential of the Internet back in the 1990s.

Photo of Tema Frank and baby #1

Why did I decide to have my babies mid-winter?

I especially remember one day when I was stuck at home with two babies, no car, a husband out of town, a blizzard raging, and no diapers. Oh, how great it would have been to be able to just order some online and have them delivered!

But Canadian marketers weren’t seizing the opportunities of marketing online back in 1998. Sadly,  many of them still aren’t. I want to change that.

Yes, Canada is big and has a small population, but so do other countries, like Australia, which are pulling ahead of us online. And we’ve got the advantages of the world’s most connected population and the biggest consumer nation right next door!

Learn How to Profit From the Internet

  • I’m determined to help Canadian companies, especially those with a small marketing staff, profit from the Internet.
  • I’m determined to make more products and services available to Canadians online.
  • I”m determined to help the folks who are doing the work, not those in the bar, win with the Web!

Now for the Moment of Truth

I don’t want to oversell here; in a world that is changing as fast as the Internet I can’t promise you that if you follow seven simple steps you’ll become a marketing genius and make millions for you company.

But I can promise you that if you work with Frank Online Marketing you’ll benefit from expertise that will help you put all these new tools and techniques into a sensible strategy and action plan so you can stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

And I can promise that if you work with us you’ll learn how to do digital marketing in a way that fits your budget, and helps your company:

  • get new customers,
  • keep more of those you already have,
  • improve your cash flow, and
  • increase your profit margins.

So, are you in? Let’s talk!




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