Tema Frank, Founder & Chief Instigator, Frank Reactions

Tema Frank, Founder & Chief Instigator, Frank Reactions

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I love using my three+ decades of business & marketing strategy experience and two decades of omnichannel customer service & usability expertise to help organizations deliver consistently great customer experiences.

Getting customer experience right isn’t easy. We’ll help you figure out how to:

  1. Get Customers So Happy They’re Selling For You

    You may have heard of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The research behind it found that long-term success is linked to what proportion of your customers say they would recommend you to a friend. But how do you get a high NPS? And how do you keep it high? We use tools such as customer journey mapping, voice of the customer (VOC) assessments, user experience testing and more to find out what really matters to your customers and whether you are delivering it.

  2. Inspire Staff To Peak Performance

    You need happy staff if you want to have happy customers. But too often organizations struggle with getting staff to cooperate and give their best. We can work with you to break down silos, overcome staff cynicism, and streamline processes to make them more staff and customer-friendly.

  3. Show A Clear ROI To Your Boss and Investors

    You may understand the importance of great customer service in our digital and social media era, but many bosses don’t. We’ll help you sell new digital marketing and customer experience strategies to your boss to get buy-in. And we’ll give you the tools and expertise that will help you get an excellent return on investment (ROI) – something every boss wants to hear!

Industry Specialties

We’ve worked in many industries, from big banks to box manufacturers. But we have particular expertise in these areas:

Financial Institutions

“[Tema Frank] provided us with detailed information on what worked, didn’t work, and why, including user experience statistics.  Our previous efforts had, in many cases, given us a false sense of comfort that we were doing the right things.  Now we know better and also have excellent ideas how we can make our site better.” –  Martin Stevens, then Director e-Commerce Development, Royal Bank of Canada

Tema Frank started her career in the banking industry, and has worked with many major financial institutions including Bank of America, the Royal Bank of Canada, ING Direct and many major U.S. insurance companies.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

“Once again you have delivered outstanding results that have exceeded my expectation. The detailed usability reports I have received for the TravelAlberta.com website are very in-depth and have helped us gain valuable suggestions for improvement.” – Aaron Nissen, then Manager, e-Strategies, Travel Alberta

We’ve worked with hotels in France and Canada, with travel agencies in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, cruise suppliers, and tourism marketing agencies. Tema is on the editorial board of the Hotel Business Review and writes regularly about customer experience in the industry.

Government & Non-Profits

You are worth MORE than your weight in gold. This is exactly what we need.  And most importantly will help us focus improvement efforts. Extremely well written and presented. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! – Shaunne Letourneau, then Provincial Director, Health Link Alberta

Sometimes it’s about informing, not selling. We’ve done several projects with Government departments and non-profit organizations, helping them understand citizen or user perceptions and better meet their needs.

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