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Two interesting studies in the B2B (business to business) world have come out lately:

  1. The Content Marketing Institute & Marketing Profs 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, about how marketers are approaching the content marketing challenge,
  2. Software Advice’s B2B Buyer Behavior – Web & Phone Channels IndustryView | 2013 about how buyers are being influenced.

B2B Marketing That Works

So what can we learn from these reports?

Person-to-Person Interaction Still Works Best

The B2B Buyer Behavior study concludes that you should call prospects within seconds of their visit to your site.  “When we call a lead within 5 seconds, our odds of qualifying them are 29 percent higher than if we call within 5 minutes.”

Make sure you have your software set up so you get immediate notification when a site visitor expresses interest, and that your systems work to ensure someone from your staff calls them right away.

The Content Marketing study also notes that B2B marketers find that in-person events are still the most effective ways to qualify leads and get sales.

That said, the human interaction still needs lots of digital marketing support. The most effective marketers, according to the Content Marketing study, place their content in many different places, including their own blogs, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and more.

They also note that the share of marketing budgets being spent on content marketing continues to increase, with 1/3 of the average marketing budget being devoted to content marketing, and with 45% of companies surveyed saying they plan to increase their content marketing spending over the coming year.

Is your company focusing more on content marketing in 2014? What are your biggest challenges with content marketing?

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