A Sure-Fire Way To Scare Off Customers!

Don't scare off potential customers. Make it easy for them to wander in

Have you ever stood outside a restaurant looking at its menu, trying to decide whether to choose it or one of the half-dozen other restaurants on the same street? How would you react if the maitre d’ suddenly came out …Continue Reading →

Road Map For Improving Customer Experience in Your Organization

Chief Customer Officer 2.0 by Jeanne Bliss ( book cover)

Back in 2001, when I first started selling usability and 360 degree customer experience (CX) testing to companies through Web Mystery Shoppers, I made a huge mistake. Get your FREE Transcript Now! The Logic of Customer Experience & Usability Testing …Continue Reading →

You Can’t Improve Customer Service With Disconnected Systems. But How To Connect Them?

Robin Smith, Co-founder of Virtual Logistics

Systems Integration: Not Sexy, But Very Important One of the biggest barriers companies face trying to improve customer experience is the challenge of systems integration. All the wonderful tools we have now to help us do more effective marketing need to share data …Continue Reading →

If You Are Struggling to Improve Customer Experience in a Large Organization, Check Out This Podcast!

Lorraine Schumacher, Director of Marketing Transformation ( & previously of Customer Service Strategy & Planning) at Verizon

How To Sell Senior Executives on Customer Experience Improvement More from the CXPA Insight Exchange on today’s episode, including an interview with Lorraine Schumacher, Director of Marketing Transformation (previously the Director of Customer Service Strategy & Planning) at Verizon. She’s taken …Continue Reading →

When Distributors Stand Between You & Your Customers: Can You Still Guarantee Great Customer Experience?

You lose some control if you have a known brand but sell through distributors. How can you ensure consistent customer experience?

Have you ever thought about the challenges of delivering consistent, excellent customer experiences when you have to sell through third parties? Today’s episode brings you interviews with two speakers I met  at the B2B Online Conference in Chicago who grapple with that …Continue Reading →

What I Learned at New Media Expo (NMX) That Can Help Grow Your Business & Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Pat Flynn & Tema Frank Discuss Customer Service in Today's Frank Reactions episode.

I just came back from my 2nd NMX in Las Vegas. I’ve been working in the Internet world since its baby days in the ‘90s, but even so I learned new things, and was reminded of others. Here are some …Continue Reading →

Is Your Company Too Slow To Compete In The Digital Era? Here’s Advice To Speed It Up

Is Your Company Moving Too Slowly?

When Jason Jennings, author of the new book, The High Speed Company: Creating Urgency & Growth in a Nanosecond Culture, interviews CEOs they tell him they worry that their companies are moving too slowly. They know the business world is changing so …Continue Reading →

B2B Customer Service Metrics & More

Shem Szot, eCommerce Biz Development & Digital Marketing Manager, HP

Which is more important for B2B Sales: Customer Service or Price? When I first started selling business-to-business (B2B) services, I really believed all the people who turned me down by saying, “It’s too expensive.” I sweated over whether I was …Continue Reading →

How To Win Internal Support for Customer Experience Improvements

How Do You Get People To Help You When You Have No Clout? I was a Parliamentary Intern in the last year of the Pierre Trudeau regime in Canada. Working with politicians you learn a lot about how to influence …Continue Reading →