Blackberry 10: Balance is a Great Feature, but Marketing Needs Focus

RIM Blackberry 10 Z10RIM, now renamed “Blackberry” after its flagship product, launched its long-awaited Blackberry 10 phones this morning.

From the sounds of things, it matches the strengths of Apple’s iPhone and android devices. But matching won’t be enough to regain the millions of lost customers.

What it does offer that they don’t is the level of security desired by corporate users. And it will appeal to their staff with one neat new feature: BlackBerry Balance.

No Need For Separate Personal & Work Phones

The Blackberry Balance recognizes that despite what corporate security types may want, staff WILL use their phones for personal as well as business use. So this new device lets IT departments set up both personal and corporate sections within the device, with a wall separating the two. Employees won’t be able to move information from the corporate to the personal side, and vice versa.

This is the biggest market differentiator for the new BB10 and Z10 phones. Blackberry now needs to promote the heck out of that benefit and focus on the corporate market, just as it did in the beginning.

Better to be excellent for one market than mediocre in several.

Do you agree? If not, why not?


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