Think the Government Doesn’t Care About Your Opinions? Wrong!

Are Community Engagement Panels the Way of the Future? I think it is great that our government wants to engage with the community and holds consultation meetings before making major decisions, I really do. I care about my community. A …Continue Reading →

Is Your Company Measuring the Wrong Things in its Customer Experience Program?

Your Customer Experience Management Program May Be Misled By Bad Metrics, says author Steve Walden

Does Your Organization Have a Customer Experience Program? Thinking About It? In today’s interview, Steve Walden, author of the new book Customer Experience Management Rebooted, argues that too often our corporate obsession with metrics in customer experience programs leads us …Continue Reading →

Are You Making This All-Too-Common Marketing Mistake? Too Many Companies Have It All Wrong With Their Call to Action!

Call Now! (Is this actually a good call to action?)

Does a Commanding Call to Action Send Customers Running Away? We’ve all seen it. And heard it. Call Now! Buy Now! Like us on Facebook!  The ads order us to take action. But do we obey? Even worse: does that …Continue Reading →

Get Your Call Center Out of the Basement!

Your call center shouldn't be "that place in the basement" says Blake Morgan in today's Frank Reactions podcast

Stop Thinking of Your Call Center as a Cost Center Today’s podcast guest, Blake Morgan, started as a conference organizer in the call center world, so it’s hardly surprising that her views on customer experience dig into the call center. …Continue Reading →

Are Car Dealers Next To Be Disrupted by Amazon?

We love to go bike riding, but sometimes you need a car big enough to get your bikes to the start of the ride.

The last time I bought a car we had a very specific requirement. The vehicle had to be big enough that we could fit two bicycles inside. We’d destroyed too many bikes by forgetting they were on the rooftop carrier, …Continue Reading →