Drew Green of Shop.ca & Online Marketplaces (podcast)

Episode 4 – Shop.ca CEO, Drew Green, & the Pros & Cons of Selling Through Online Marketplaces   Should your business sell through an online marketplace?  Pros: Greater visibility. They’ll be spending more on site promotion than you could. Consumer …Continue Reading →

Online Fancy Dress Rental Store Gives Pro Tips on How to Entice Prospects

Episode 3 of the Frank Online Marketing Show: Interview with Rent Frock Repeat co-founder Lisa Delorme & a discussion of ways to lower barriers to getting people to try what you are offering. Takeaways When you sell online, getting people …Continue Reading →

Top 3 Problems of Social Media

Now that social media is all the rage, the spiraling information overload problems are multiplying exponentially. As if it weren’t bad enough trying to keep up with all the e-mail newsletters out there, now we’ve got millions of blogs, which reference other …Continue Reading →