How Design Thinking Can Help Improve Customer Service

customer service cartoon

Sara Mesing’s article, Service Design: Internal Processes for Great Customer Experiences, in User Experience magazine, points out that the same principles that go into product design can help companies “design” customer service that is so great people will want to talk about it. …Continue Reading →

How To Do Lean Process Improvement In Your Organization

What do Government, Big & Small Businesses Have in Common? If they want to be effective, what they have in common is respect for their staff and a willingness to listen to those on the front lines. This week’s interview …Continue Reading →

Want Some Customer Experience Love? Learn To Love Numbers!

They say that opposites attract. Maybe that’s what led my artsy, creative, marketing side to fall in love with numbers. OK, so I don’t really love numbers, but I absolutely love what they can tell me about consumer behaviour. And, as …Continue Reading →

3 Things Your Company Needs To Deliver Great Customer Service

Chris Daffy discusses Customer Service (and how it's different from customer experience!)

In today’s interview, European customer service expert, Chris Daffy, of the Academy of Service Excellence, discusses three steps required to deliver excellent customer experiences in organizations. He sees these as being: Principles – The company must have the right values …Continue Reading →

Time to Stop Worrying About Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Bill Lee, Founder, Center for Customer Engagement; President, Summit on Customer Engagement (taking place in Feb); author, The Hidden Wealth of Customers

Prefer reading to audio? Click below to get the transcript of this interview. Get your FREE Transcript Now! In today’s interview, Bill Lee, Founder of the Center for Customer Engagement; President, Summit on Customer Engagement and author, The Hidden Wealth of Customers, said a …Continue Reading →

The Secret to Strong Competitive Advantage: Tilt Towards Customer Experience

Time To Tilt Toward Customers We keep hearing about how companies have to be more customer-centric in the digital era. There’s no question that when customers can spread unhappiness with your company around the globe in minutes, you’ve got to …Continue Reading →

Frustrated By Your Workplace? Consider This.

In one of my first jobs, back in the days when even junior management staff didn’t do their own typing, I was offered access to a secretary who “everyone” said was lazy and stupid. I suppose that’s why I was …Continue Reading →

Want Your Staff To Care About Customer Service? Care About Your Staff

All Weather Windows believes happy staff are key to business success

Staff Satisfaction is Key To Customer Satisfaction You might think that Human Resources is getting kind of far from this blog’s original focus on online marketing strategy. But to succeed online, one of the essential ingredients is what your staff are …Continue Reading →

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Customer Satisfaction

Study after study shows that companies with satisfied customers outperform the rest of the market. Yet for some reason, investing in improving customer satisfaction is still a tough sell. In today’s interview, I talk with Kerry Bodine, co-author of Outside In: The …Continue Reading →

Think You Have Problem Employees? The Problem May Be Processes.

I don’t think anybody really wants to be a bad employee (at least not until they’ve just been fired and want to wreak as much destruction as possible on their way out the building!). But often our systems get people …Continue Reading →