Give The Gift of Caring To Your Staff …

… And They’ll Give The Gift of Service To Your Customers “Nobody dreams of being a janitor,” says Mary Miller, the CEO of the highly successful janitoral services company, Jancoa. And yet, she says, “More people have worked in the janitorial …Continue Reading →

How To Deliver Great Customer Experiences, Every Time

Frank Reactions podcast on customer experience - logo 100x100 px

This week we are launching the new Frank Reactions podcast. Our goal is to help YOU deliver consistently excellent (and often outstanding) customer service and customer experiences. We’ll be interviewing experts and the hands-on folks diligently working to improve their …Continue Reading →

Customer Service Screw-ups by Ikea, Sleep Country & Canadian Tire

IKEA hasn't figured everything out

My credit card was burning this September, as I helped my daughter move into her first apartment. Sadly, it wasn’t just my credit card that got burned. Right when I think Canadian retailers are finally starting to care about customer service …Continue Reading →

Are You Frustrated By A Bad Change Management Process?

To survive in the digital era, most businesses need to change. But leading and managing change, especially in big companies, is hard.  Some 70% of change management efforts fail. In a recent article series, Vik Maraj and Kevin Gangel, of …Continue Reading →

Auggh! I Can’t Do It All! … 5 Steps To Help You Set Priorities

How the World Domination Summit Helped Me Set Priorities This is my first podcast since my road trip to the World Domination Summit in Portland last month. I thought I’d come back bursting with interviews to air on the podcast, …Continue Reading →