Google’s Hummingbrid Update: What Every Business Should Know

Guest post by Kimberley Laws  Google recently introduced a brand spanking new search algorithm that has everybody talking. Officially called “Hummingbird,” it, like the bird, promises to be quick and precise. But don’t worry. The “Panda” and the “Penguin”– Google’s zoologically-named …Continue Reading →

Get Unstuck & Start Making Money Now

In last week’s show I interviewed headline writing pro, Jon Morrow, so you may think that the headline for today’s podcast is just to show Jon that I was paying attention. Wrong! Today’s interview is all about exactly what that …Continue Reading →

7 Things I Learned From Pro Blogger, Jon Morrow

One of the great things about podcasting is that sometimes you get to chat with one of your personal heros. Jon Morrow is one of mine. If you haven’t read his epic post, “How to Quit Your Job, Move to …Continue Reading →

Marketing Metrics Madness: Is Your (Client’s) Digital Marketing Working?

Find & Measure the Marketing Metrics That Matter We hear it over and over again from “da big boss”: What’s the ROI on all this social media stuff? What’s exciting is that digital and social media give us some great …Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Competing on Price

Like so many software success stories, BlackSquare, started by developing software to solve its own problem (managing a web-based wine club), and then realized that a whole lot of other people could benefit from it too. Two years later they have clients …Continue Reading →

Pet Pictures to Profits: How A Pet Food Store Succeeds Online

There’s a new wave of young entrepreneurs taking over their parents’ businesses, and they are bringing with them a must-do attitude about e-commerce. Like Baseer Khudayar of Zelen Shoes (Canada’s Answer to Zappos), today’s guest, Brandon Forder of Canadian Pet Connection, …Continue Reading →

How Shopify Overtook Volusion

If you’ve been thinking of selling online and looking for a way to set up your e-commerce store, odds are you’ve come across Shopify. Shopify is the platform used by 65,000 e-commerce stores in 100 countries. But did you know …Continue Reading →