Cute Cat or Cute Baby?

cute kitten

Don’t step on me!

cute baby

Don’t step on me either!

You may think you know your audience but do you really?

Unless your site is about cute cats or baby haters you probably don’t know for sure whether a picture of a cute cat or a cute baby will work better on your website.

But changing the picture from one to the other can make a huge difference.

A/B Testing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

You may have heard people talking about “A/B Testing”. In the web world it usually means testing out two versions of a website page, perhaps one version with the cute cat picture and another with the cute baby. Half your site vistors see one version and half see the other. Over time, once you’ve had enough visitors, you can see which version worked better.

How you define “worked better” depends on your situation. You could look at things like whether people on one version were more likely to click to another page in your website, or to fill out an order form, or to buy something from your site.

Easy A/B Testing Tool: Optimizely

There are a bunch of tools out there to do A/B testing. One of the easiest I’ve tried is Optimizely. Their system makes it super-simple to play with different elements of your site and see what impact the changes have. They give you a 30 day free trial, and their pricing after that is still pretty reasonable. And their staff are really helpful.

There are other tools that do similar things, but of those I’ve tried, this is the easiest. (And no, I don’t get a commission if you buy!)

Free A/B Testing Tool: Google Analytics Content Experiments

If you don’t want to pay anything, Google Analytics now has a tool called Content Experiments that lets you run as many tests as you want at no charge. The downside? It isn’t as easy to set up as Optimizely. Here’s a video from Google explaining how it works.

What testing tools do you like best?

Please share below.

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