Don’t Shoot the Baby! Why You Need To Worry About Internet Ad Placement

Did you know that 10 – 15% of all ads placed on the Internet are displayed where the advertiser wouldn’t want their ads showing?


Or the Tim Horton’s ad that appeared on a site where a teenage girl was, um, shall we say, displaying her private parts.

Or this Folger’s ad that appeared next to an article about coffee triggering heart attacks.

When you buy advertising online, you have very little control about where the ads run. Even if the ad network you are working with promised to display your ads only on certain types of sites, there’s a good chance they will re-sell those ads to another company with excess stock, often with unfortunate results.

Yesterday I had the joy of interviewing Ian Lightstone, legendary Canadian market researcher and now leader of Project Sunblock, a tool that does real-time screening of ad placements to help companies avoid embarrassment and wasted advertising money.

He spoke at the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s meeting in Edmonton. (Check out their events list. They get in some excellent speakers!)

Here’s the interview:

If you’ve seen any bad ad placements lately, please share them in the comments section below!
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2 comments on “Don’t Shoot the Baby! Why You Need To Worry About Internet Ad Placement

  1. It is quite disturbing whenever you see those ads around that are beside each other in a single site inappropriately. It is even more disappointing when i happens to your own ads. Embarrassing I tell you.

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