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Internet entrepreneur Gregg Oldring, CEO of Inkedit

Gregg Oldring, CEO of Inkedit

Gregg Oldring co-founded Industry Mailout, an e-newsletter service interviewed in Episode 6 of the Frank Online Marketing Show. Now he’s founded another company, Inkdit, which aims to revolutionize how we collect and manage e-signatures on agreements.

Like those of us selling internet marketing advice, Gregg is finding that because there are so many industries that could use Inkedit’s service, it is hard to focus on a specific “niche” , which in turn makes it harder to market effectively. In this interview you’ll hear about that struggle and some of the approaches to overcoming it.

Key Online Marketing Takeaways


  1. Get Customers With Low-Cost Transactions First

    It is much harder to get companies to gamble on a new technology when the risks to them of it not working are huge. Start with something smaller. Freemium models (free core product with the option to upgrade for more features) can work very well.

  2. Viral Promotion Can Be Easy and Effective

    Have you ever done a survey and seen the Survey Monkey logo at the end? Or got a newsletter brought to you by MailChimp? Inkedit is using a similar tactic: they get new customers from showing up on the page when people sign an electronic document sent to them by an Inkedit customer.

  3. Think About How the Old Ways Can be Radically Changed By Technology

    Adobe has done very well by translating paper documents to a nearly-identical electronic format. But there are huge opportunities for those who totally re-think a process to take advantage of things you can do with new technology that you couldn’t do with paper.  In Inkedit’s case, one of the key benefits is that it becomes much easier to retrieve agreements long after the fact than it is in a paper-based system. You don’t have to remember whether it was filed by company name, by date, by topic, by the name of the person who originally signed it. And you don’t have to schlep boxes out of dusty storage rooms to start your hunt.

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