Find Little Useful Ways To Help Your Customers – Jay Baer

Jay Baer, author of Youtility

Jay Baer, author of Youtility

Jay Baer, of Convince & Convert, the Social Pros podcast, and author of the wonderful book, Youtility, says that the way to compete in today’s world is to be ultra-helpful.

How Can You Help Your Customers & Prospects?

We’re not talking about what you sell here, but about what else you can offer that they’d really value.

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Is there a way you can offer something useful as a smartphone app, so they’ve always got you in their pocket? He gives examples such as the Charmin ‘Sit or Squat’ app, which tells you how clean (or dirty) nearby toilets are. They don’t have any control over those toilets, and there probably isn’t Charmin toilet paper in them, but it is related to what they sell and it’s something you’d find very handy.

But What If We Can’t Afford To Build An App?

It’s true, not everyone can afford to build an app. In fact, the process almost always costs a lot more than you think it will. Jay thinks that we’re all going to move to apps, with websites being left just for the boring stuff. I’m not sure I agree. I’ve already lost track of all the apps on my phone! They aren’t very useful if I don’t remember that I have them or what they are for. And even Jay admits that there are other ways to provide Youtility. To start with, have a fantastic website. One that answers every possible question your prospects or customers might have. You don’t have to answer them all overnight, but if you plug away at it, you’ll discover that you are showing up higher and higher in search results. 

Artists of the World, Rejoice!

One thing we do agree on is that the creative types in the world have a future that is looking brighter than ever before. If your kids is studying arts at college, don’t despair! There is a growing need for artists of all types, especially those who can:

  • Write well
  • Tell a good story
  • Take great pictures
  • Film beautifully
  • Be funny

Now all we need to do is tack on an entrepreneurship and self-promotion class as part of the standard Arts curriculum! If you haven’t subscribed yet, go to iTunes or Stitcherand do it right now, so you don’t miss the great interviews we’ve got coming! And if you like this podcast, please share it with your friends and review it on.


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