How To Make More Money With Less Work: It’s Possible says Melanie Benson Strick

Overwhelmed? You can make more money with less work, says Tema Frank's guestOverwhelmed?

In this social media, always-on, info overload world, many of us struggle just to keep our heads above water; making more money with less work seems like an impossible dream

But according to today’s guest, Melanie Benson Strick, it is possible.

How Can You Balance Workload & Money?

It starts with your mindset, says Melanie. First, you have to believe that it is possible; to silence those voices in your head that say, “I’ve got to do more“, “I’m not good enough“, “If I say no to this, what if I don’t get another project?

Then you need to set priorities. Recognize that you can’t say yes to everything and still have a sane life.

OK, I hear you saying, that deals with the “work less” part of the equation, but what about the “make more money” part?

How To Make More Money With Less Work

The “making more money” part comes down to things like:

Melanie Benson Strick explains how to make more money with less work

Melanie Benson Strick

  • Deciding which activities are the most profitable. Then dropping or delegating the rest.
  • Developing systems & streamlining your processes. If you’ve got good systems in place you won’t waste time figuring out what to do, over and over again. Or, as Melanie put it you’ll stop “burning your creativity cells trying to remember what to do.
  • Planning and mapping out your year. Figure out what your priorities are for the year. What new projects, products or services will bring in the most income with the least effort? (Or, with some effort at the start, but that will turn into passive income over time. If you want to learn more about that approach, check out Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.)
  • Constantly monitoring and refining. You need to know which things are working and do more of them, while minimizing activities that aren’t making money for you. Melanie, for instance, hosts a weekly Twitter chat that brings in 40% of her new clients. Now that’s worth doing!

Do you have other tips for how to make more money with less work? Or is this just a pipe dream? Some people seem to manage it, but for most of us it’s a constant struggle. Why not add your thoughts below?

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