How To Deliver Great Customer Experiences, Every Time

This week we are launching the new Frank Reactions podcast. Our goal is to help YOU deliver consistently excellent (and often outstanding) customer service and customer experiences.

We’ll be interviewing experts and the hands-on folks diligently working to improve their own organizations.

FREE Expert Advice For Creating Powerful Customer Experiences!

Today’s mini-episode tells you a bit about the show, why I’m doing it, and who I (Tema – rhymes with Emma) am.

Then for the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing one a day, because those first 14 episodes are actually rebroadcasts of some of the best Frank Online Marketing Show episodes that focused on customer experience.

I’ll also issue episode 15 right away, for anyone who has already heard all those Frank Online Marketing episodes. (Yes, I should have numbered it episode 1, but I’m afraid it is too late now!)

After that, it will be one every two weeks, at least until my book, PeopleShock: Why People Matter More Than Ever in the Online Era, & What That Means for Business, is fully written, at which point I hope to return to one episode a week.

Please, please, give me your feedback on the podcast! If it isn’t good for YOU, it isn’t good enough!


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