This Results Focused Strategy Can Make 2016 Your Company’s Best Year Ever

How An Old-School Manufacturer Became a Results Only Workplace

Focus on Results Not Hours For Greater Profits

Focus on Results Not Hours For Greater Profits

Dennis Malacek, CEO & President of electronic equipment manufacturer, Dynatronix, transformed his “old school manufacturing facility” to a results-only work environment (ROWE™), and the results have been impressive. For example:

  • One product line’s manufacturing time dropped from 54 to 32 man-hours.
  • A good employee turned down an $8,000 raise offered by a competitor because the competitor had a traditional work environment.

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We are hearing more these days about companies moving to a results orientation. A fast-changing global marketplace has put pressure on companies to become more efficient and effective, and technologies have reached the point where working from anywhere instead of an office is easy to do.

In today’s podcast episode I interview Malacek about what it took to make the change and why he’s happy they did.

Experiences From A Move to a Results Focus

A few highlights:

  • One of the big initial challenges is breaking old stereotypes, such as commenting when people come in late (or early). “You learn that time doesn’t matter; the result does,” says Malacek.
  • Another shift was getting people past imagining that a results-only work environment meant working from home. Sometimes it can be working from home, but you can’t bring the whole factory home. What it does mean is finding a way to get the work done well, by the deadline, in whatever way makes sense for the workers and the project.
  • Oddly, many workers feel guilty if they leave “early” because their work is all done. Malacek used a farm analogy to help them understand: “If I had 600 acres of corn to plant, I didn’t sit out in the field when I was done planting if it was only 3 in the afternoon. I went home,” he told them.
  • One of the benefits, but also the challenges of going to a results-focused system is that it forces you to document everything and set standards. It forces you to think through what may be outdated policies or procedures, to clearly set out expectations — what results are needed. 
  • Not all employees will adapt to this new approach. Some will choose to leave. Some won’t be producing the results, and so will have to leave.
  • The hardest part? “As a manager, you’ve got to let go.”

Have You Considered Moving to a Results-Only Work Environment?

Please tell us about it below.

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