Google: You’ve Let Me Down. What Happened to Don’t Be Evil?

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No, sadly, Bill Gates wasn’t one of my early geek friends. I’d still love to meet him though!

One day back in 1998, my techie geek friend (the one who designed my first website for me in 1995) called me over to his computer, all excited.

“You’ve got to try this!” he insisted.

“This” was a mostly blank web page with a white box in the middle of it. Above it, in bold, primary colors, was the word “Google!” with a thin gray “BETA” tucked in after the tail of the second g. Underneath the white box were two clickable buttons. One said “Google Search.” The other said “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

We tried several searches that day and they all came back with better results than anything we’d tried before. I was an instant convert.

Google’s mission statement perfectly reflected the benefits it was offering us early web explorers: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Google’s Gone Wild

What strikes you about this Google search I did this morning?

Google has lost sight of the users in search of more ad dollars

Google has lost sight of the users in search of more ad dollars

The entire first screen above the fold (on a large monitor) is advertising! 

Now, as a business person, I understand the desire to chase the almighty dollar. And I realize that we searchers are not Google’s customers, the paying advertisers are. But the whole reason Google grew so fast and for so long was that it gave us the best search results, whether or not the company was paying for advertising. They’ve now lost sight of that. 

I don’t doubt that some of these mortgage brokers are excellent at what they do. But it is also possible that what they (or, more likely, the search experts they work with) do best is search engine advertising.

This first page of results does NOTHING to help answer any questions I might have about mortgage brokers, what they do or how to choose one.  If I wanted ads, I could have gone to the Yellow Pages.

We shouldn’t have to scroll and scroll to get to the real results. Please, Google, reconsider!

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