Guy Kawasaki on Steve Jobs, Hockey & Being Crappy

[The audio quality is better on this video version than on the podcast, so you might prefer to watch it. You’ll find it and other videos on the Frank Online Marketing YouTube Channel.]

OK, I admit it, I was a little star-struck when I had the chance recently to interview Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Chief Evangelist, author of multiple best-selling books such as The Art Of The Start and Rules For Revolutionaries, and one of the world’s most successful people when it comes to leveraging the promotional power of the Internet.

  • Steve Jobs management-by-fear approach,
  • Kawasaki’s view that Android is better than iPhone, and
  • Why Canadians should take their fearless approach to hockey and apply it to digital marketing!
Tema Frank & Guy Kawasaki

Tema Frank & Guy Kawasaki

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