Once again you have delivered outstanding results that have exceeded my expectation!

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We help you & your customers succeed in the digital era

The best way to improve customer service is by taking a walk in the customer's shoes. - Tema Frank

Customer Experience / Customer Service Improvement

  • Omnichannel (360 degree) customer service assessments

    Are your customers getting consistent, excellent treatment regardless of where they interact with you? Mystery shopping of your stores, website, call centre, and social media customer service.

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    What do prospects experience from the time they start researching your product or services through to purchase and beyond. How can their experiences be made better?

  • Process Mapping & Improvement

    What changes do you need to make internally to make it all work more smoothly for customers and staff?

  • Usability Testing 

    Your internet advertising, search engine optimization, and social media work can all be for nothing if they drive people to a website that doesn’t meet their needs. We’ve been testing website usability using our Web Mystery Shoppers® since 2001. We send anywhere from 30 – 300 people just like your target market to your website. They give detailed feedback every step of the way about what they like and what’s frustrating them as they try to accomplish their goals at your site. Their insight will help you optimize your website for maximum leads and sales conversions.


“We were thrilled to have Tema come speak again at the 2017 RCIC, and she didn’t disappoint. Her presentation was fantastic: she spoke to the audience in an engaging way, and got them interacting  so they could think through how to apply her ideas when they got back to work. Highly recommend her.” – Kendall Franklin, Marketing & Conference Manager, Canadian Home Builders’​ Association

Planning an event? Tema Frank gives highly-rated talks at conferences and events around the world about customer experience improvement, digital marketing strategy, usability, online marketing tactics, and career management issues.

Teaching / Training

“The day went by way too fast! But I got a lot out of it. Thank you!” – Student Feedback

Digital Marketing, Customer Journey & Process Mapping, Business Strategy  If you only have one or two marketers on staff, there’s no way they can know it all. We can do customized training to give them the skills they need to help your business thrive.

Coaching. Tema Frank can work personally with senior executives to get them more comfortable with digital tools and social media. She can also work with younger employees to help them develop their business and marketing skills.

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I learned so much! Benchmarks, AdWords tips, crowdsourcing, the importance of knowing your audience (good reinforcement), ways to engage audience that could work for us. Already implementing most of these!

Very comprehensive and current. It was an excellent overview of the current “state of the art” and provided much food for thought. 

Super knowledgeable and understand our business quite well.

I was really impressed with their level of expertise and the ease and comfort with which they communicated it.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Usability Consulting

Tema undertook a complex review of CKUA web operations and provided critical and insightful recommendations for moving it forward and making it better. Her foundational work was vital to completion of a full on web re-design and upgrade. –  Ken Regan, CEO, CKUA Radio Network

“It was a pleasure working with Web Mystery Shoppers. Once again you have delivered outstanding results that have exceeded my expectation. The detailed usability reports I have received for the TravelAlberta.com website are very in-depth and have helped us gain valuable suggestions for improvement.” – Aaron Nissen, Manager, e-Strategies, Travel Alberta


Tema Frank is an intelligent, business savvy woman who has provided me with ongoing and consistent mentorship for many years. I enjoyed working with Tema as a new graduate and found her drive and determination inspiring. Tema has a way of motivating those around her that is unique – I would jump at the opportunity to work with her/for her again. – Thera Ortiz Duarte, Team Lead, CEDA International Corporation

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