Inexpensive Video Tricks to Boost Your Online Marketing

Dave Phillips of Ubervideo founder in Victoria, BC, Canada, helps small businesses make "talking head" promotional videos

Dave Phillips, Ubervideo

When I recorded this interview with Dave Phillips, founder of Ubervideo in Victoria, Canada, I was still stalling on recording my first video. As you know, I’ve now done so (you can watch it here) and I’m preparing several others.

Why is Video Important for Online Marketing?

  1. People like watching video. We are getting lazier about reading. 
  2. Google loves YouTube videos, so it can help boost your search engine rankings
  3. It lets potential customers feel that they know you better, which makes them more likely to buy.

Is it Expensive to Get a Good PR Video Done?


Dave points out that you don’t even need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment. But do make sure you get your sound and lighting right. (We chat about that in the interview.)

How Many Online Videos Do I Need?

Dave suggests you have at least one good sales video on your home page.

More videos can help you get found by potential customers, but be sure to do them regularly for maximum impact.

How do I Make My Online Videos SEO-Friendly?

  1. Have useful content. 
  2. Use keywords in your video’s title and description.
  3. Cross-link it to your various sites (e.g. YouTube and your website).

Free Promotional Offer for Your First Video

Link to it in the comments section below, explaining how it links in with your internet marketing strategy (or put it up on the Frank Online Marketing Facebook page). This will give you a little promotional boost for the video, because the search engines do still look for links from other relevant sites. (I urge you to include the explanation, so it won’t come across as a spam link.)


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