Keep Content Current!

Internet content giveaways must be current to be useful!

Don’t use outdated content!

I’m researching content management tools lately and I came across an offer for a free download of a document comparing content management systems.

Great! I signed up right away, and soon after eagerly opened the download. Turns out the paper was from 2009! In Internet technology years, that’s medieval!

Unlike most people, who will simply write off the company that is giving away such outdated information, the Internet marketing expert in me couldn’t let it go without comment. So I wrote back telling them how disappointed I was that they sent such an outdated paper.

The reply from the sales rep was:

We get that a lot… Here are some more up-to-date analyst reports

If they have the more current reports, why the heck are they still flogging something so old? And if the sales reps know it is a problem, why hasn’t it been dealt with??

Most people won’t bother to tell them how unimpressive this is. Most will just conclude that this company is not with the times, and go shop elsewhere.

If you are going to give away content to attract customers, make sure it is current!

What’s the most outdated content you’ve received? Please share below!

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