LinkedIn Passwords Stolen: How NOT to become a double victim

Apparently some 6.5 million passwords of LinkedIn users were hacked today. LinkedIn says they’ve got the situation under control: they’ve disabled the hacked passwords and will send you a message to choose a new one if needed.

IMPORTANT: There will probably be scammers who try go get you to follow a link to change your password. DON’T EVER CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD BY FOLLOWING A LINK IN AN E-MAIL. Instead, go to the site and use its settings or forgotten password procedure.

If your LinkedIn password was one of the hacked ones (or if you want to be ultra-cautious), go to all other sites where you used the same password and change those too.

It is frustrating to have to try to remember a gazillion passwords, especially now that they have to be so complex to keep them safe. (See LinkedIn’s item on how to choose a safe password.) But these days it really is necessary. I use a service called LastPass to store my passwords. If they ever get hacked I’m in big trouble! But since security is their business, I’m trusting them. I guess sometimes you gotta have faith.

Hope you weren’t hacked!
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