Looking for Canadian companies to interview. Any suggestions?

For more months than I’d like to admit I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast series on e-marketing and web-related innovation in Canada. I’ve worked as a journalist and concluded that I love interviewing, and e-marketing and innovation are among my favourite topics. I’m really hoping that by highlighting Canadian companies that are experiencing success on the Web, we can encourage more Canadian businesses to get into e-commerce or to leverage the Internet in other ways to build their businesses.

Tema in CBC's Paris studio for Spark interview

It is time to stop thinking about it and start doing it!

So… I’m looking for Canadian companies (especially those without huge corporate budgets) to interview. (Just to be clear: there is no charge to be profiled!)

What sorts of companies?

  • Innovative companies (including startups) that have some sort of an Internet angle 
  • Canadian companies that are experiencing success in their web efforts. They might be retailers selling online, or they could be non-Web companies who are using social media or other web tools effectively to build their brand and improve their results.
  • The series will also include a ‘how to’ segment, on how to do some aspect of web marketing, so I’m also looking for the best Canadian companies who offer web-related services that are affordable to small to mid-sized companies.

You? Someone else?

If you would like to be interviewed or know of a company that you think might be suitable/interesting,  please let me know, either in the comments here or by e-mail (tema@emarketingmama.com). Please mention why you think the company would be interesting, and, if you have a contact there, it would be great if you could help connect us.

Check back here regularly in the fall for the launch! 

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