– Loans that change lives

Instead of just making donations, lets you invest in micro-businesses abroad, helping people pull themselves out of poverty. What a neat concept! It is becoming so popular that they are currently limiting people to investing $25 at a time! I need …Continue Reading →

The easiest gift choice

The Center for Media Research – Daily Brief reports that “According to the BIGresearch American Pulse Survey of 4,069 respondents, 52.1% of consumers say they would rather receive a gift card or cash for Christmas.” Personally, I don’t get gift …Continue Reading →

CMS Myths

A new blog has been launched by a CMS development company about the failings of Content Management Systems. My experiences with CMS programs so far (3 of them) have not been positive, and neither have those of anyone else I’ve …Continue Reading →

Free the domain names!

I don’t know what percentage of domain names are taken up by placeholder advertising sites, but it seems to be a pretty huge portion of them. If you’ve tried to register any domain names lately, you’ll have discovered this. Sites …Continue Reading →

Associations for Webmasters

I recently started a group where Edmonton-based folks in charge of corporate/government/non-profit websites can meet to share information and strategies. One of the members asked me what associations were out there for this sort of thing on a broader scale. …Continue Reading →

Narrow down your target audience

Anyone with a marketing background knows that to sell effectively you need to hone in on a niche market and pitch directly to their needs. But there’s always a tension between that and the desire to appeal to everybody you …Continue Reading →