How to structure the perfect blog post

Derek Halpern, of Social Triggers, just released this handy outline of how to write/layout the perfect blog post. From what I can see, he knows what he’s talking about! Source: via Tema on Pinterest Post was last modified: …Continue Reading →

Data visualization that works!

The internet has made it possible for more people to experiment with ways to analyze data visually. Some of those visual tools work well; others, not so much. A great article by Charlotte Bourne of The Results People (Mediative) shows …Continue Reading →

Infographic & Fiverr

I’ve been hearing a lot about Fiverr lately. It is a place where people can offer services they will perform for five dollars (U.S.). It is one of many services that has been driving down the prices paid for creative …Continue Reading →

What makes YOU so special?

Your website is one of more than 644,275,754 websites out there. Actually, there are more by now; that figure was from March 2012 (source: Netcraft), and the numbers are increasing by over 31 million a month! So why would somebody …Continue Reading →