Hype and Human Psychology

Every few months I go on a binge of signing up for “make money on the Internet” newsletters. Usually I’m enticed in by some free document that I want to read (as I’m doing with you. Have you signed up …Continue Reading →

Fake Reviews Killing a Great Idea

I had a conversation last night with the founder of one of North America’s leading Yellow Pages ad agencies. We discussed how much longer the print versions of Yellow Pages will continue to exist, and why (or why not. Personally, …Continue Reading →

How NOT to encourage comments

In my post of a few minutes ago, I commended Alexis Madrigal for his excellent article suggesting that we’ve had enough of new social networks. How ironic that the article appeared on precisely such a site (storeboard.com), and one that isn’t …Continue Reading →

Should You Pin Your Hopes on Pinterest?

One thing the Internet has done for us is change the speed of adoption of new tools and technologies. If something new catches attention it can easily spread like wildfire. We’ve seen it happen with Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest.  Pinterest, …Continue Reading →