What Canadians Buy Online

Not surprisingly, most online purchases by Canadians are for products that can be delivered electronically. Shipping across our vast land is possibly the biggest impediment to Canadians buying more online. But we are doing more and more online shopping despite …Continue Reading →

Praise for Pinterest

In an era when companies like Facebook and Apple do their best to obfuscate their privacy rules and other terms and conditions, full points to Pinterest for this lovely, clear statement of their recent changes. More companies should follow their …Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting Technology

I tried to submit a bug report to Google this morning. They have a neat feature where, in theory at least, you can send them a marked up screenshot to show what the problem was. You can also preview what …Continue Reading →

Will Internet Kill the Magical Star?

I interviewed cyber-magician Marco Tempest for CBC’s technology program, Spark. He’s a cool guy.  Down-to-earth and likeable, he has an infectious enthusiasm for technology.  Here’s a link to the interview.  Suspension of Disbelief in the Digital Age  (On the page …Continue Reading →

We Are(n’t) The World

We tend to think most of the Internet is American-based, or even European. But this infographic shows otherwise. There’s a whole lot going on in languages most of us don’t speak! Full image and more details at http://mashable.com/2012/03/07/multilingual-internet/ www.emarketingmama.com Post …Continue Reading →

Being Bad to Be Good

I have not yet read the book, but based on this Harvard Business School article about the new book, Uncommon Service, it is well worth reading. The key point is that you need to explicitly recognize, even in service businesses, …Continue Reading →

Can Podcasting Help Your Brand?

Ever since my chat with Soundcloud founder, Alex Ljung, I’ve been thinking again about the value of podcasts as a way of marketing. You can get marketing value from podcasts in two ways: By sponsoring a podcast that targets a …Continue Reading →