PeopleShock Book Contents

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  • What Computers Can’t Replace: The Secret to Success in Our Digitized World
  • Who Will Benefit from This Book?
  • Why Listen to Me?

Part 1: PeopleShock

Chapter 1: Is This Your Kodak Moment?
Chapter 2: Customer Experience and the 3P Profit Formula
Chapter 3: Strategy Needs a New Approach

Part 2: Promise

Chapter 4: What’s in a Brand?
Chapter 5: Behind the Brand: Vision, Mission and Values

Part 3: People — Internal

Chapter 6: Employees: The Linchpins of Customer Experience
Chapter 7: Rethinking Corporate Structures
Chapter 8: Every Level Has Its Role

Part 4: People — Outsiders With Outsized Impact

Chapter 9: Prospects: Getting to Know You
Chapter 10: Customers, Past and Present
Chapter 11: Help Your Suppliers Help You
Chapter 12: Distributors, Resellers and Franchisees
Chapter 13: Other Stakeholders

Part 5: Process

Chapter 14: The Process Bridge
Chapter 15: Identifying Process Problems
Chapter 16: Design Thinking
Chapter 17: Continuous Improvement is Key to Continuous Success

Part 6: Get Going

Chapter 18: Leadership and Silo Slashing
Chapter 19: Change Management
Chapter 20: Get It Together: Systems and Metrics
Chapter 21: Keep It Going
Chapter 22: The 3Ps Lead to Positive Perceptions and Profits
Final Thoughts

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