Bonus resources promised in the PeopleShock book

In PeopleShock I promised some resources. Here they are.

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Customer Experience ROI Calculators

There’s a strong ROI (return on investment) case for people-focused change. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to measure. Calculating the ROI will be different for different industries and types of organization.

There are not many free ROI calculation tools  that look at the overall customer experience impact. There are several mini-tools that look at certain aspects, such as:

People-Focused Company Examples

Many companies say their success comes from being staff and customer-focused. Here are articles others have written about some of the best known ones. (Read case studies of less well-known ones in PeopleShock)

85 Tips for a Winning Website

A surprising number of websites mess up on basic things. Don’t lose your prospects. Find out how to make your website user-friendly here.

How to Choose New Information Systems & Vendors

Here I defer to Avinash Kaushik, who says it best:

How to Choose a Web Analytics Tool: A Radical Alternative


Web Analytics Tool Selection: 10 Questions to ask Vendors

Meet Your Peers: Associations of Customer Experience Advocates

CXPA – Customer Experience Professionals’ Association . They have an active and helpful discussion board for members, they offer the leading certification program for customer experience pros, and put on great conferences and local events.

ICX Association –  Interactive Customer Experience Association. I’m not personally familiar with this one. According to its website, “The ICX Association is a vital hub that connects users and suppliers in collaborative forums, be they virtual or physical, to understand how seemingly unrelated technologies can be integrated to create experiences so meaningful that customers can’t imagine doing business elsewhere.”

SOCAP International – Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business. I believe this one has its roots in call center management. It has been around since 1973.

3P Maturity Assessment – In-depth version

(Coming soon. If it isn’t up yet and you are looking for it, please just email

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