People Can Be a Pain, But PeopleShock, Handled Right, Grows Businesses

People Can Be a Pain, But PeopleShock, Handled Right, Grows Businesses

PeopleShock™ Helps You Compete at a Time of Rising Customer Demands

If you are a CEO or other leader who wants better results and are willing to take action, you will not regret reading this book. – Douglas Burdett, Host, The Marketing Book Podcast

Organizations have been scrambling to hire “customer experience” officers and announcing that they are customer-focused.

Yet studies show that customer satisfaction is going down, not up. 



Customers, empowered by easy access to competing products and services (and other customers’ reviews), are setting the bar higher than ever. As Peter Finch shouted in the movie Network, they’re “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”

PeopleShock: The Path To Profits When Customers Rule - book coverPeopleShock is killing many businesses. But handled well it can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Boost employee engagement

  • Decrease costs, and

  • Grow sales, market share and profits.

Based on three decades of experience and over 150 interviews with CEOs and experts, omnichannel customer experience pioneer, Tema Frank, uses case studies and actionable advice to show you how to implement a profitable, people focused strategy using her 3P profit formula of promise, people and process.

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