“Once again you have delivered outstanding results that have exceeded my expectation”  (Read more client comments)

We help your organization triumph, through better understanding of your customers & prospects, your staff, your processes and yourself.

We do this in many ways:

  • Usability  Testing – Your internet advertising, search engine optimization, and social media work can all be for nothing if they drive people to a website that doesn’t meet their needs. With over a decade of website usability testing experience, we’ll help you fine-tune your website and web marketing for maximum leads and sales.
  • 360° Customer Experience & Customer Service Testing & Improvement. In addition to testing websites, we also do 360° degree customer service evaluations. Where are you promising one thing to your customers but delivering an experience that is different? How can you make your customer experience so wonderful that people will rave about it (in a good way!)?
  • Teaching (E-Commerce, Marketing, Customer Experience & Business Strategy) If you only have one or two marketers on staff, there’s no way they can know it all. We can do customized training to give them the skills they need to help your business thrive. Tema Frank also teaches at the University of Alberta School of Business, MacEwan University, and has taught in France and Mexico.
  • Speaking – Planning an event? Tema Frank is an internationally acclaimed speaker, who leaves her audiences with education and inspiration. She talks about customer experience & marketing in the online era, usability, and career management issues.
  • Marketing Strategy DevelopmentWe’ll work with you to help clarify your current marketing strengths and weaknesses, and develop a step-by-step marketing strategy that will make your company more profitable or your organization more effective.
  • Executive Coaching – Ever feel overwhelmed? Not sure where your priorities should be to grow your business (and maintain your sanity!)? Tema Frank has over 30 years business experience, and loves working with entrepreneurs & executives to help them figure out where they want to go and how to get there.
  • Products – We are in the process of developing training products that will help you or your marketing staff learn from the comfort of their own computers at a time convenient to them. If you want to be sure you hear about these as they come on stream, sign up for our newsletter.
  • Free Stuff – See the Resources page.

Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say.

Here’s a list of many of our past and current clients.

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