Social Media Done Wrong

Sometimes it is really hard to decide what to do when I come across customer service failures.

You see, I help companies improve their customer service and marketing, especially their web-based service and marketing. So if I blast them publicly, they aren’t likely to want to hire me. Should I just contact them quietly and pitch them instead? Probably.

But sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Shoppers Drug Mart: Are you there?

This tweet was posted Saturday morning (January 25). It is now 11:06 a.m. on Wednesday, January 29. There has not been a peep out of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Oh, and I also posted about it on Facebook, but I guess they aren’t following social media mentions there either.
shoppers drug mart

Where Are the Social Media Communication Gaps in Your Company?

When I attended the Retail Council of Canada’s STORE conference last June, I listened to the CEO of Shoppers talk about how his company was starting to take digital marketing seriously.

Well, if that was his intent, it doesn’t seemed to have worked its way down the line. Not only does their website still not offer e-commerce, they haven’t even figured out how to monitor social media yet!

I find this shocking for a national consumer focused chain!

Social Media Monitoring 101

It isn’t that hard. It isn’t even expensive.

  1. Set up a Google Alert for your company.
  2. Get a free Hootsuite account and set up a search for your company name, and, if you have one, its Twitter name. (While you are at it, set up searches for things your target market are likely to be discussing. This will give you insight on topics you could discuss with them, as well as product and service ideas.) This step alone would have immediately alerted them to my Tweet.
  3. Give someone responsibility for monitoring and responding to those alerts and searches. You can set things up so that person’s screen will signal them whenever your company is mentioned, so they don’t even have to have their Hootsuite or Google Alerts screens open all the time.
  4. Answer quickly! For complaints, your best strategy is often to apologies and encourage the complainant to talk to you offline to find a way to fix the problem. Give them your e-mail address and/or toll-free telephone number, and answer immediately when they contact you.

This isn’t hard, guys! [Oh, and, Shoppers Drug Mart, if you still want to hire me after all this, I’d be happy to help  🙂 ]

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