Is LinkedIn Dying?

In 2004 I set up my LinkedIn account. It seemed like an exciting new way to connect with colleagues and potential clients. I was thrilled when LinkedIn launched groups. An even better way to find people who made sense for …Continue Reading →

With the explosion in the use of mobile phones/devices it is becoming increasingly important to do usability testing not just on the device itself, but also on the software and applications that will run on it. Unfortunately, usability testing cell …Continue Reading →

Firewall usability

Last time I played with firewalls they were still a usability nightmare. Constantly popping up error messages asking you whether or not you would approve giving something access to your system without explaining, in “lay” terms, what the program wanting …Continue Reading →

Associations for Webmasters

I recently started a group where Edmonton-based folks in charge of corporate/government/non-profit websites can meet to share information and strategies. One of the members asked me what associations were out there for this sort of thing on a broader scale. …Continue Reading →