Want More Loyal Customers? Start By Helping Your Suppliers!

Loyal Customers Come from Great Suppliers: A challenge in the home building business

Loyal Customers Come from Great Suppliers: A challenge in the home building business

When customer experience experts talk about creating loyal customers we often start by telling you to figure out what your customers’ needs and wants are. Next, we tell you to look at how you are treating your staff. But there’s another component that’s often overlooked: your suppliers. 

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Today we hear from Jeff Booth, CEO of BuildDirect, which has built a successful business by solving a problem on the supplier side. Hands up if you’ve ever been annoyed when a home you were having built or a reno was delayed because supplies didn’t show up on time…


Yep, that’s pretty well everyone who’s ever come in contact with the home building or renovation business. While we may give flack to the contractor, Jeff was that contractor and he was every bit as frustrated.

Jeff Booth built loyal customers by helping suppliers

Jeff Booth, CEO of BuildDirect.com

There were so many layers of middlemen between the manufacturers and him that often he couldn’t even find out where the supplies were, let alone when they’d arrive at the work site. When Jeff and his partner studied the problem they realized that the suppliers themselves had a problem.  Manufacturers of building supplies are often small companies, that can be anywhere in the world, and have no real marketing staff or expertise. So they are at the mercy of a cumbersome network of distributors.

Build Loyal Customers & Loyal Suppliers For Business Success

Jeff realized that to solve his customer problems the best answer was to go straight to the manufacturers and take away the suppliers’ distribution problems. It wasn’t easy, and in this episode you’ll hear about some of the challenges. You’ll also hear about other smart ways his company has built customer loyalty, beyond the ability to get their supplies on time. This is actually a reissue of the very first podcast I recorded. My focus then was on the advice for building a better e-commerce operation, so you may want to check out that post. But rereading my notes I was struck by the links he made between solving the customer’s problem and solving the supplier’s problem.

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Have You Helped Your Suppliers Lately?

Have a look at your supply chain. Is there any way you can help them, that will also help you, and build loyal customers for your business?

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