What makes YOU so special?

Your website is one of more than 644,275,754 websites out there. Actually, there are more by now; that figure was from March 2012 (source: Netcraft), and the numbers are increasing by over 31 million a month!

So why would somebody buy from you instead of one of your millions of Internet competitors?

Or, as they say in the sales world, what’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

It can be difficult to answer that question, but it is essential. It will help you succeed both offline and online. Your web presence has to reflect that unique selling proposition.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a local business that sells and repairs sewing machines. I want to buy a sewing machine. I look online, because I don’t want to bother digging out the yellow pages and I’m at an age now where reading that teeny tiny print is a pain in the you-know-what.

I do a search for “sewing machines Edmonton”.

I get a list of possibilities. On what basis should I chose who to buy from?

I might just go to the one who is closest to me. But I know that my local shop won’t have as big a selection as I can find online, and I want the best value for my money.

Note that I said “value” not “price”. Like most customers, I’ll pay a bit more if I perceive value for the extra money.

Your website can help me see that value

Maybe your USP is that you’ve been selling sewing machines in Edmonton since the days of the Great West Garment Company in the early 1900s. So you really know your stuff and I can count on you being around if I have a problem.

How will you convey this USP online? 

To start with, you can put it in your description tags, so that if your listing comes up in a search result it will have a sentence underneath it saying “We’ve been serving Edmonton for a hundred years, so you know we’ll be here for you!”.

On your website and/or Facebook page you want to play up the same USP. Think in terms of the benefits of you having been in business for so long. Then write content that supports it. 

For example:

  • Tell a true story about how somebody benefited from being able to count on you. Maybe a sewing machine broke down while a dance studio was scrambling to finish costumes before the big end-of-season recital. You swooped in to the rescue, delivering a loaner machine to the studio at 10 o’clock at night. (If you haven’t done something like that, look for opportunities to do so. It will do more for your business than any ad you could buy!) 
  • Put up pictures of your company’s 1910 location and what it sold back then. 
  • Include testimonials from long-time customers. 

Remember, on the internet showing your uniqueness is key to getting noticed. And if nobody sees you, what’s the point of being there?

What’s your unique selling proposition? And how do you show it? Please comment below, and point us to your site where we can see it in action!

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