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Today’s Frank Reactions episode is a little different from our normal episodes.

We had our official launch party last week (check out the photo gallery below!) and as part of the launch Sherrell Steele, Manager of the School of Communications at Grant MacEwan University, interviewed one of my podcast listeners (Mariana Konsolos) about what benefits she gets from listening to podcasts. The audience also asked some questions about plans for Frank Reactions. Hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks to the amazing photographer, Dave McQueen, you can watch a video version of today’s interview. Here it is:

OK, so I’m biased.

I love podcasts because, once you get over the initial hurdle of figuring out what the heck they are and how to download them, you have a wealth of information and entertainment available to you. And you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

Listen when you are walking the dog, at the gym, driving, jogging, or having trouble falling asleep. (For that latter one you have two choices: either great content that will make it worthwhile to be awake or something truly dull that will help you sleep. There are even soothing music podcasts, such as Jim Butler’s Deep Energy 2.0, which I use when I’m really struggling to sleep.)

I recently listed some of my favorite marketing & business podcasts. Here are some of my favorite non-business podcasts:

Non-Business Podcasts I Recommend

From Our Own Correspondent – Some of the personal stories behind the international news, told by BBC correspondents.

TED Radio Hour – Listening to full TED talks can be frustrating because they usually start by saying “Contains powerful visuals”. The TED Radio Hour pulls out the best audio parts, and assembles 3 talks or so per episode into a theme. Host Guy Raz also integrates interviews with the speakers.

Click – Another BBC show, about technology.

Spark – CBC’s show on the intersection of technology and culture. One of the highlights of my life was appearing on Spark (Suspension of Disbelief in the Digital Age)

Forum – A World of Ideas. OK, I admit it, I like a lot of BBC shows. And it isn’t all about the cute British accents!

White Coat, Black Art – Dr. Brian Goldman talks about medical issues from the doctors’ perspective. (They only air new episodes in the fall, unfortunately.)

Freakonomics Radio – A blend of economics, sociology and psychology.

Writers and Company – Author interviews by Eleanor Wachtel, who is one of the best interviewers on the planet.

This American Life – Usually 3 or 4 mini-documentaries on a theme. Invariably interesting people and stories. Hosted by Ira Glass.

Radiolab – Quirky social documentaries. I find the way they use sound effects, repeating clips of what people say, etc. a bit annoying. But overall I like the content

This list only scratches the surface. There are podcasts on every subject, from comedy to soul-searching. Go explore and have fun!

Please share this list, and add your faves in the comments below.

Why Listen To The Frank Reactions Podcast?

You’ll find answers in today’s episode (listen to the audio or watch the video). And for fun, here are some pictures from the launch party.

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