Wowing Customers Doesn’t HAVE to be Expensive!

Great Customer Experience Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Great Customer Experience Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

It Isn’t Just in the Luxury Market That You Can Wow Customers

Yes, the Fairmont is a high-end hotel.

So, yes, they do have more money to spend on “wowing” customers.

But this is a great example of doing it a way that DIDN’T cost much money.

What did it take?

It took staff who noticed and cared

I don’t know how they found out about the little boy’s surgery. It may have been that a staff member noticed when the kid came in on a stretcher or in a wheelchair. Or maybe  his parent mentioned something on check-in. AND some staff member had been friendly enough that the parent opened up to them.

It took a culture that empowered staff

Noticing is one thing, but thinking about what we, as staff, could do to make that child (and his parents’) day better, and then acting on that thought, takes staff who have been trained and encouraged to color outside the lines.

It took creativity, not (much) money

The Batman toy can’t have been very expensive. But to think of getting it, and then pairing it with the letter and “direct line” to Batman, took creativity.

And creativity made it special.

Made this a “wow” moment.

You can do it too in your business!

If you combine the 3Ps of Profit: Promise, People & Process right, your staff will also come up with magical moments that make customers want to tell the world about you. Try it!

(If you need help getting going, set up a free 1/2 hour consultation with PeopleShock author, Tema Frank.)

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