Change Management: From The Inside Out

It’s become a cliché: The only constant is change. But it is also true. In today’s interview we discuss change management, starting with changing your own acceptance of change, and then how to be a leader at times of change. I …Continue Reading →

Have You Felt The Pain Of A Change Management Program From Hell?

Change Management Sucks At least, that’s what most employees seem to think. So do a lot of their leaders. Get your FREE Transcript Now! Hardly surprising, when 70% of change management efforts fail. And yet, change is happening in every industry …Continue Reading →

15) An Insider’s View of Change Management & Quality Improvement

No time for the full episode? Here’s the highlights version: Get your FREE Transcript Now! Like many people who get promoted into management, Brian Penzone didn’t have any experience leading a team of front-line workers on the manufacturing floor. But …Continue Reading →

Are You Frustrated By A Bad Change Management Process?

To survive in the digital era, most businesses need to change. But leading and managing change, especially in big companies, is hard.  Some 70% of change management efforts fail. In a recent article series, Vik Maraj and Kevin Gangel, of …Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic! Crisis Management in the Social Media Era

Let’s face it: many businesses are afraid to get on social media because they are afraid of things going wrong. And they do go wrong. Sometimes even the best-intentioned Tweet will be misinterpreted and before you know it a firestorm …Continue Reading →

How To Use Data To Fight Crime & Serve Citizens Better

How About Crime Preventers Instead of Crime Stoppers? Kris Andreychuk, Supervisor of Community Safety in the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Empowerment Team, was frustrated. Get your FREE Transcript Now! His teams of social workers, police officers and youth workers were great …Continue Reading →

How To Make Sure An Acquisition Doesn’t Hurt Customer Experience

What Impact Will Kaiser Permanente’s Acquisition of GHC Have On Customer Experience? Seattle-based Group Health Cooperative (GHC) has been in business for over 75 years; longer that Kaiser Permanente, which recently acquired it. In today’s podcast interview with GHC’s Customer Experience Designer, …Continue Reading →

Contents & Excerpts

PeopleShock Book Contents (Read the intro & 1st chapter on or Introduction What Computers Can’t Replace: The Secret to Success in Our Digitized World Who Will Benefit from This Book? Why Listen to Me? Part 1: PeopleShock Chapter 1: …Continue Reading →

Is it Time for a Revolution in The Workplace?

The way we’ve been running our workplaces is broken. Companies that aren’t willing to make radical changes are going to die, says David Burkus, author of the book, Under New Management, in today’s podcast interview. As Chuck Blakeman pointed out in our …Continue Reading →

58 Customer Experience Quotes From 52 Weeks of Podcasts

Another Inspiring Year of Customer Experience Interviews Check out some of the best quotes, and share them with your friends. Happy New Year! 58 Customer Experience Quotes From 52 Weeks of Podcasting Frank Reactions from Tema Frank Do you have …Continue Reading →