“I highly recommend Tema to anyone who wants a CX thought leader to reinforce the importance and urgency of CX, backed up with solid data. She is a pleasure to work with.”

 Roger Pugsley, Director of Service Excellence, Oxford Properties

Meet Tema Frank

Keynote Speaker, Author & Customer Service Mentor

Tema Frank
PeopleShock Book

Struggling to Improve Your Customer Service?

Customer experience is the key to success in today’s omnichannel, AI & social media era. But how do you deliver them? International speaker and author, Tema Frank is pioneer of customer service improvement.

  • Get Customers So Happy They’re Selling for You!

  • Inspire Staff to Peak Performance
  • Show a Clear ROI to Your Boss & Investors

Customer Experience, HR & Marketing Talks & Keynotes

Tema Frank is a highly-rated presenter who speaks, trains, facilitates and teaches in North America, Europe and Africa. Keynote topics include:

  • Leadership & corporate culture improvement
  • Get Customers So Happy They’re Selling for You!
  • Usability Testing & User-friendly Design
  • Effective marketing strategies & tactics in a digital world
  • Digital Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) & Metrics
  • Conversion rate optimization

Frank Reactions Podcast

Tema Frank & David Hudson

To Serve Your Customers Better, Know Yourself Better

Not Your Usual Podcast Episode Today’s episode has two very different parts: First, I fill you in on changes in my thinking and plans for the coming year. I apply the 1st P of Profit (Promise) to myself and what I am offering to you, my customers, listeners & readers. Then my interview with David…

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Jim Sterne - Frank Reactions Podcast on Customer Experience Interview

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Hype or Help for Marketers?

At the last few marketing and customer experience conferences I attended I wandered through the trade show displays and noticed that almost every company claimed to be using artificial intelligence (AI). Yet when I asked them to explain how they were using it, most were unable to answer. They’d talk some gobbledygook, and/or what they’d…

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