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My promise is that you’ll benefit from my expertise, and you will learn tools and techniques to build into a sensible, budget-friendly marketing strategy and action plan.

Tema Frank
PeopleShock Book

Struggling to Improve Your Customer Service?

In today’s omnichannel, social media era, great customer experiences are key to success. But how do you deliver them? Omnichannel customer experience expert Tema Frank’s new book, PeopleShock, shows you how to:

  • Get Customers So Happy They’re Selling for You!
  • Inspire Staff to Peak Performance
  • Show a Clear ROI to Your Boss & Investors

Customer Experience, HR & Marketing Talks & Keynotes

Tema Frank is a highly-rated presenter who speaks, trains, facilitates and teaches in North America, Europe and Africa. Keynote topics include:

  • Leadership & corporate culture improvement
  • Get Customers So Happy They’re Selling for You!
  • Usability Testing & User-friendly Design
  • Effective marketing strategies & tactics in a digital world
  • Digital Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) & Metrics
  • Conversion rate optimization

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