21 Quotes about Customer Experience, Marketing & HR, from a year of Frank Reactions Podcasts

The Frank Reactions podcast gives me the great joy of interviewing many smart people in the customer experience, human resources and marketing worlds. As we begin 2018, here are some of my favorite quotes and tips from last year’s podcasts.

From Why Winning Companies Create Simple But Unique ValueChip Bell:

From Customer’s AREN’T Always Right, Dammit! So What Can A Seller Do?Adam Toporek:  

From Can Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon?Vinod Bidarkoppa:

From How To Make Sure An Acquisition Doesn’t Hurt Customer ExperienceBrian Clark:  


From The Death of Inbound Marketing (& What You Can Do About It)Jill Konrath:

From Is Your Company Measuring the Wrong Things in its Customer Experience Program?Steve Walden:  

From Investment Management Firm’s Success Starts With ValuesNomi Bodlani:

From Vision To Customers: How To Create A Service CultureJeff Toister:  

From The 6 D’s of Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken – Shep Hyken

From How to Get Your Team Ready to Rev Up Customer ExperienceCarolyn Galvin:

From THIS is More Important Than Your Customers!Jeff Polovick:  [Tweet “How comfortable would you be going above your supervisor’s head if you had to? @Polovick” #HR]

From The Advertising Industry is Doomed, says Retail Expert Doug StephensDoug Stephens:  

From What Customers Say & What They Do Can Be Very DifferentBarry Davis:

From Get Your Call Center Out of the Basement! – Blake Morgan:

From Does Your Lawyer Make You Happy?Richard Kort:  

From Forget Infographics; Check Out This Scary Supergraphic of the Marketing Technology Landscape!Scott Brinker:  

From Think the Government Doesn’t Care About Your Opinions? Wrong!Mark Boulter:  

From Are You Making This All-Too-Common Marketing Mistake? Too Many Companies Have It All Wrong With Their Call to Action! – Sarah Moore:

From How To Use Data To Fight Crime & Serve Citizens BetterKris Andreychuk & Stephane Contre:  

From Why You’d Better Care About Social Customer CareDan Gingiss:  

From How to Recession-Proof Your Business – Brian Gracon:

From Get a Pedicure While Your Car is Being Serviced? How One Lexus Dealership Grows Through Over-The Top Customer Service Bruce Kirkland:  

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